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LifeMap Discovery® is a compendium of embryonic development for stem cell research and regenerative medicine, constructed by integrating extensive molecular, cellular, anatomical and medical data curated from scientific literature and high-throughput data sources.

Explore embryonic development to improve your stem cell research
Determine cell identity by key genes and signaling molecules
Discover therapeutic applications for stem cells
Embryonic Development
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Stem Cell Differentiation
Stem Cell Differentiation
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Regenerative Medicine
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Gene Expression
GeneAnalytics™ - Gene Set Analysis Tool High Throughput Experiments - Normal High Throughput Experiments - Disease
LifeMap Discovery® News All News...

LifeMap Discovery® Version 1.8 with expression data for diseased Tissue and Cells

The new release includes high throughput experiment data for diseased tissues and cells. Experiments were manually curated and analyzed from the gene expression omnibus (GEO), scientific literature and large scale datasets and are available for > 80 diseases. Each disease experiment card provides information about the experimental samples, gene expression comparisons of diseased tissue vs. normal tissue, and relevant reference. This data is also now available in GeneAnalytics – our Gene Set Analysis tool, and in MalaCards – the Human Disease Database.


Publication of Research Report Describing LifeMap Discovery™

The LifeMap Discovery product has been documented in a published paper authored by LifeMap Sciences’ research and development team.
The publication titled “LifeMap Discovery™: The embryonic development, stem cells, and regenerative medicine research portal”
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The publication describes the scientific and technological foundations of LifeMap Discovery, the first road map of cellular embryonic development.
For our complete press release, click here.

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